Milestone3rd Non-Staff to hit 4K "Thanks"Posted:

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I take pride in this but it has slowed down tremendously over the years, I will continue to try and do things for the community as in giveaways.
I am the third non-staff member to achieve this goal but am ranked #7 overall behind some mass people that I look up to!
I enjoy giving back when I can but can't do as freely as most since I am married and money is tight with three kids.

Thanks for always being there for me guys and act as a second family. I appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks for making the journey fun and memorable.

Here is to 1,000 more! :cheers: Thanks to all who have ever thanked my topics and shops.

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Congrats mate
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Congrats buddy!
You sure deserve it
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Congrats buddy.
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congrats on a major milestone!!!
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You're getting close to 4k rep as well...

Congrats on 4k thanks RepBandit!
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Congrats man on hitting 4k
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Crazy milestone man, congrats on the achievement and looking forward to you hitting that next one!
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Congrats on 4k thanks, still good to see you around and i hope all is well with the family!

See you in another 1k!
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And there is me thinking i'm doing good on 2k... FML Cory

HUGE congrats on achieving 4k thanks, for a non-staff to achieve this is a great milestone to hit. 5k next then you'll only be like 8k behind Sean lmao I think he buys his stats tho
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