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Hey guys, Finally hit 800 posts and on my way to 1k rainmaker, became active agian and gifted someone gold I will be doing more aswell!

I would like to thank:

Mikey - For doing big giveways, gifting me gold and winning his rep giveaways in shoutbox

Ctag - For also gifting me gold!

Stick around I will be getting 1k rainmaker soon!

The Following 9 Users Say Thank You to TorProject For This Useful Post:

KyloCrux (03-06-2018), WW2 (03-06-2018), Craig (03-06-2018), C4 (03-05-2018), Chat (03-05-2018), Anime (03-04-2018), Mooneye (03-04-2018), Mikey (03-04-2018), Xbox (03-04-2018)
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Congrats on 800 posts.

Hope to see you at 1k soon and I'll be looking out for your gold giveaways.

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Congrats on 800 post won't be long An you'll be at 1k
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Congratulations on achieving the TTG Master rank, 800 posts is a lot bro, 200 posts more and you get that 1k RainMaker badge so keep on the grind.
Thanked & Repped.
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Congrats on hitting 800 posts man! see you at 1k
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Big Congrats on 800 Man! Keep it up
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200 more and you get a new badge

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Congratulations on getting 800 posts! Your almost to that Rainmaker badge.
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Congrats on 800 congrats on TTG Master, that's a milestone to begin with, I hope to see you get another very soon!

see you at 1,000 posts.

+ Rep & Thanks added
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Grats on 800 man. See ya at 1k in no time
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