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Doing a quick 2x gold giveaway to 2 people! Trying to pick the winners at 4pm cst
Same ol thing as always just say anything for a chance! Entertain me and you can get some + rep as well! And maybe you can get some extra gold if its the best one

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ANOTHER?!?! I'll enter. Cheers.
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anything for a chance
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Going ham again with the gold mate I see, I love it!! Thanked and repped
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I went private for my op because the doctor said that he'd have me on my feet in two weeks.

To right, I had to sell the car to pay his bill. Thanks for the giveaway
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I'm posting cause I'm posting
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I'll enter thanks !
Here a little joke :p if there was a drug dealer in here " WEED" know
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I'll enter. Thanks man!
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ill enter cx

thanks bro!
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Thanks for doing this, goodluck to everyone that enters
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