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Yay. All this hard earned dosh well spent. Got the gold Gifter badge!!

Thanks to all the 25 (and Xbox) people who I gifted.

See ya's if I ever decide to get to 100!

The Following 8 Users Say Thank You to JPB For This Useful Post:

Jay (03-08-2018), KyloCrux (03-05-2018), Specialize (03-04-2018), Mooneye (03-04-2018), Mikey (03-04-2018), Xbox (03-04-2018), UZl (03-04-2018), Mark (03-04-2018)
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Congrats mate! I'm not far from GG+
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Congratulations on gold gifter, a badge I am considering to go for in the future.

Good luck on Gold Gifter+
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Congrats on Gold Gifter m8

Thanks for being so generous.

Hopefully we see you at the plus version one day.

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Congrats on the gifts JPB <3
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Congats on gold gifter always nice to see people giving back
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Congrats man on GG!
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Welcome to the GG club mate, and thank you so much for giving gold to members, it helps them out and helps the site out to. Hope to see you one day at GG+.

Thanked and repped +600
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That's hopefully my next badge.
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Nice job on getting that gold gifter badge. Keep up the love.
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