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I wasn't going to post this but I keep seeing a fair few people moaning and complaining about the OG markets/prices. Let me start this off by saying, I'm obsessed, yes. The reason for that is simple; I want my own unique custom name. But since there are 59million users, that's very difficult.

Now, this obsession is just like any other obsession, vehicles/RC cars/Building PC's, they are all obsessions but you never hear us going "just get a PC and use it" or "Get a car & drive it".

I have been ignoring it for a while now, which I will carry on doing. Just needed a good'ol rant.

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Add me on Xbox I told you my name the other day in the shout box
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To be completely honest, I'm looking out for a good OG gamertag to purchase myself. All of my friends are like, "Why would you spend money on an online name?" and the answer is always very simple: Because I can and I want to spend money on that.

People will always try to call your purchases stupid or a waste of money when they tend to make frivolous and ridiculous purchases themselves.

Just do whatever you want with your money, it is in fact YOUR money.
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Some people have a fetish with it.
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If you want to buy one for yourself you shouldn't have to deal with other people wining about it.

Do what you want.

I myself am also looking for a OG GT for myself for my own reasons, not to look cool or have a sweet name just want one in particular.
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Lol the gamertag market is entertaining. I read post on here 24/7 and people mostly never know what they talking about. People ask why spend such a explosive amount of money on a tag? People have money like that or are that much into the game. People have rights you know? Gamertags are very pricey though, well if you want a nice tag.
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@Berlin I couldn't agree more. At the end of the day, it's your own money. People spend money on expensive shoes and cars when they can just buy one for a MUCH less price. If you like something, buy it. I don't give a **** what people think.
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You do what you enjoy, if you enjoy doing it then don't let anyone tell you any different dude!
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nothing wrong with it. its the same as spending money on vbucks of fifa points ect
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There is nothing wrong with having a hobby or doing something you enjoy, don't take any notice of what others may think or say. Many users waste money on other things they enjoy which you may not, just keep yourself happy and keep doing what you enjoy.
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