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Well, looks like the race to 1k is on lol, after sending £140 this morning I have reached 700 gifts of gold, and one step closer to 1k gifts of gold. Sorry Jay but as you have gone to the extreme and already at 1k, I can say your gonna be on your own for a while, but ill be up there one day in the future. A special Shout out to the other 4 top gifters on the site, Jay prodigy Rodent_Modz Andy but also a shoutout to every member that has given another members gift of gold, even if its just one gift of gold, it all helps the site, and helps out other members. So I and TheTechGame thank you gold gifters out there, way too many to mention, unfortunately. So I guess I'll see you at my next milestone which will more than likely be 12k posts lol.

Leaked Picture of Seans new car
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Decy (03-05-2018), Xbox (03-04-2018), prodigy (03-03-2018), Rodent_Modz (03-03-2018), iiBanee (03-03-2018), Scxtt (03-02-2018), Nik (03-02-2018), Lily (03-02-2018), Sean (03-02-2018), KyloCrux (03-02-2018), C4 (03-02-2018), Zesri (03-02-2018), Kixa (03-02-2018), Mooneye (03-02-2018), Dalm (03-02-2018), Chat (03-02-2018), Ninja (03-02-2018), New-Quay (03-02-2018), Jay (03-02-2018), Geb (03-02-2018), RVM (03-02-2018), Brigand (03-02-2018)
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gg nub
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Thought Sean was a Mclaren kind of guy.
Congrats on making Sean even more wealthy.
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Congrats mikey, now maybe you can get #1 and I'll receive my years worth of gold <3 anyhow keep on that grind man you do alot for this community!

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Holy shit brother, massive congratulations on beating prod, thanks for the massive contribution towards Sean's new whip;)

Much'o love! <3
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Congrats on 700+ gifts of gold Mikey. I do wish you wasn't such a shithead at times tho.

Feel free to surpass me, i've said it before. I've set the target, come get it. My goal was achieved, i am not budging <3

All proceeds from gifting will go to 2009-2018, The Tech Game, Ltd. Staff team, to fund their food and basic water supplies, electric and some toilet roll. Thank you for making Sean rich.
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Congrats man!

See you when you hit 1000.
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Congrats Mikey!

So I guess you are gifting me the next 297 so you are on 1000?
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700 Gifts of Gold is an insane amount. Good shit, Mikey.

Congratulations on the milestone, and good luck with reaching 12,000 posts!

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Jesus Mikey, that is one hell of a lot of gifts, well done my friend.
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