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I have 500$ to spend for a gaming/streaming computer! What's a good website or place to get one at? Thanks for all your help guys!
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Make a post here: Forums/posting/mode=newtopic/f=334.html using the form here: Forums/t=6751631/pc-building-rules-how-to-request-a-build-or-advice.html

People in that section will get you the best for your money.

If you want one that's pre built, you're gonna have a hard time finding a good one for that price.
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Build your own computer, you will be able to get the most out of your money building your own computer. Also, i would keep saving and save up around 700-1k and you will be able to build a good computer. Do you have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, OS+? Or Is your 500 dollars just for your PC? If you need any help building your own PC feel free to hit me up and I can walk you through it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist. Although if you are already set on buying a prebuilt PC then I do have a website to recommend. Xidax is my recommendation. They have awesome customer support and are super friendly. They also have a lifetime warranty, which really makes this site a win. Go check it out! Remeber though if you are trying to get the most out of your money, please custom build your own PC!
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Buying a prebuilt could be your best bet right now since the increased prices going on at this time.... But for $500 you arent going to find a gaming computer. For that amount you could just buy some standard computer and play games off of that. You arent going to get a good gaming performance with that amount.
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I spent 479 at Best Buy and my computer is amazing! Heres a link because I really do recommend it for a first time computer for gaming if you're not wanting to spend a fortune. But another 100 for the monitor unless you have one. But i really have no complaints. It's a great start for gaming. This was my first gaming pc and I just got it literally a week ago!
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Buy used off of craigslist or letgo/facebook. I bought my gaming computer for $500 and it's able to play everything I throw at it on high to medium settings.

I5 4670k (Water cooled)
GTX 780
16 GB ram
120 GB SSD

This the cheapest best way I could find to get the best bang for your buck, maybe other people found a better way.
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In my opinion, if I were you, I would wait.

I was in your position, had a couple hundred dollars to spend, but I waited close to another year, saved up a lot more money, and was able to drop 1.2k on my PC. It was 100% worth it, and I saved enough to still have a couple grand in my savings afterwards.

You're going to want to build a PC, you'll save tons of money, get a WAY better PC, learn a lot about your parts, and building a PC is one of the most fun tasks I've had in the last few years.

Buy parts, watch youtube tutorials, and start getting excited to build a PC.
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So building a PC Rn is actually pretty difficult price wise due to RAM, And GPU Prices sky rocketing. Its almost cheaper to get a pre built. MSI Sells a Desktop with an i5-8500k, 16GB RAM, a 256GB M.2, And a 1060 6gb For right at $1000. Just picked one up and is about $300 cheaper then building one my self
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