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I almost won, knocked everyone out but one person If you would like to play why I record thats fine too!

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Mooneye (03-05-2018), Mikey (02-27-2018)
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Not a huge fan of Mine craft, but dropped you a thank anyways as I thought the video and editing was pretty damn spot on. Always love watching your videos man, and loving those Coaster ones !!
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Sick vid man, dropped a like and a sub! <3
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I'm a fan of minecraft myself, love the game I played it for a few years straight, became really good and #1 on a few servers, decided to quit though waiting for the new updates come out, Thank you for this video makes me want to start playing again!
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Me and about 20 other people would use to download maps and play hunger games like this man.

I have to agree it's really fun.

I miss those days
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