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GeneralBioShock Infinite Coaster ( 9 Minutes Underground ride)Posted:

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This coaster is the biggest Underground coaster yet, with 4 months in the making. Take big adventure on this coaster with trippy scenery and a underground water tunnel. Over 50,000 pieaces, and 4,000 foot of tack.

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Looks very good man! Such a long time to make, hats off to you.
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-Reece96 wroteLooks very good man! Such a long time to make, hats off to you.

My other one took a year this is nothing , lol.
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Did you literally add everything to this coaster like even the stuff in the background?
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Bioshock is one of my favourite games.

Great coaster man!

Keep it up
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You should make a video of you making a small easy coaster. Just so we can see how much time you actually put into it, like I don't know how small all the pieces on these things are, that would give us a better perspective on it.
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That roller coaster was sick as hell dude.

another amazing piece of work. Can't wait for the Star Wars one to be done.
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Man you truly impress me , you never fail to put these sick parks together ,

Much work An dedication
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Just a few corrections:

1. This roller coaster was built by myself.

2. It is based on the original Bioshock, not Bioshock Infinite.

3. The original video is here, which features the missing pictures and soundtrack: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]


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Please keep sharing these, I love to take a look at them, not really played this game but seeing what people have built time and dedication into blows my mind, please keep us updated on any great builds you may come across, props to the creator of this build!
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