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Well I'm now a TTG Addict

Shout to the staff an all my other friends

See you guys at 300 rep

The Following 11 Users Say Thank You to Blizzard For This Useful Post:

Kyle (03-19-2018), Xbox (03-12-2018), OP (03-06-2018), Mickers (03-06-2018), KyloCrux (03-06-2018), MKC (03-06-2018), WW2 (03-06-2018), LXXXII (02-23-2018), Tentacion (02-23-2018), 2018 (02-23-2018), Mikey (02-23-2018)
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Congratulations on your new ranking mate, see you at 300 rep shortly, just keep on grinding and you will achieve this soon.
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Congrats in 2k posts my man! See you when you hit 300 rep and 3k postss!!

hae some more rep!
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Congrats man on 2k man!
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Congratulations man
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Congrats on 2000 posts bro
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Congratulations Blizzard, see your posts around the forums often. See you at your next milestone.
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Wow i did not know you had so many posts i still remember when you were at my post count congrats man
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Congrats on 2k man! Seeya at 3k
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