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It has been a long time since i have been on TTG, So many changes, will have to get used to everything

Glad to be back!

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Welcome back my friend whenever you can make sure you stop by the ShoutBox
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Welcome back to the community mate, yes alot had changed over the years so if you ever need help with anything just shoot us a PM and ill be happy to help you out. Just make sure you read the rules and refresh your memory. Hope to see you stay active this time round.
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Welcome back to TTG man!

Hope to see you active around the Forums.
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Welcome back to TTG, alot has changed for the better. Hopefully I see you around the forums.
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Welcome back man!
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Glad to have you back , Come hang in the shoutbox
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Welcome back!
I just got back too
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Welcome back to the community! Hope to see you around the forums!
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Thanks guys for the warm welcome, glad to be back
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