FunnyChinese woman joins handbag in X-ray machinePosted:

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Worried about your bags being stolen at security? One Chinese woman joined her handbag through an X-ray machine to prevent just that.

Such a scary vision. Looks like some kind of art lmao

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2018 (02-15-2018)
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this is crazy lmao why
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Lmao. She'll enjoy that radiation I'm sure.
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Talk about being paranoid.

My bag nooooo joins in with the Xray lol
I think it's quite funny how she would do that.
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Wtf...... lmao
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That's some freaky stuff!
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Dam she wasn't taking any per cautions , marking sure no one stole her bag
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I was kind of expecting her to be see through as well. I wonder what thought popped into her mind at that time.
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Da **** looks like some creature from Alien
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If I had a million in cash, in a bag I'd do the same thing.

Just not for my man bag.
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