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This is me a few years ago at the Nass festival in Sommer set, For some reason when I hear some Grime come on, I go all RoadMan, and dance like a retard as you can see in the video. Some random guy recorded this and posted it in the Spotted At Nass Facebook page lol, you can see the original post on my Facebook [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] Believe it or not, I was just very very drunk lol, I dont do any of the naughty stuff and neither should you!

So you have seen my dance moves if you would call that dancing, so let's see your moves guys?

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Mikey, what in the f*ck dude, best dancer on TTG by far.
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Under the influence?

I think so.
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Had to be drunk look like a chicken with kys head cut off
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ahahahahaha. th part I thought that was funny was that youre like the only one there dancing and didn't give a ****
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I will have what your having haha
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if somebody told me to dance that's what I would look like, we got the same skill set my friend.
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Sure you weren't just "Drinking"

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What the hell did I just watch, loool Mikey, you funny geezer.
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You have the columbian cold the next day?
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