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Welp, it's only taken me 2 years to get 1000 posts. Yup, back in 2k15 I hit 4k. So much has happened in that time. I've learned so much, both on and off site. Had good and bad times. But, I feel I've come out of it fairly well since I'm still here typing to you lot. You'll mostly find me in the Shoutbox these days but I lurk the PC sections a fair amount.

Throwback image

Here are some useless facts about me

5000 Posts
1.2k rep
111 Gifts of Gold
943 Thanks
3,463 useful posts
320 unuseful posts

Shoutout to this lot


Cheeky edit - I knew I would forget people

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Only taken 6 years and 2 bans

grats fool
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That throwback picture though! Congrats on 5,000 shit post Adam, see you at the next 1,000!
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Congrats on your 5k posts took you 3 years to get 2k extra posts (5k posts) GG Admin see you at 10k next. Keep up the grind it will be worth it trust me.
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Congrats on 5k An the new badge
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Congrats on hitting 5,000 posts dude.
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Grats Man On 5K that throwback photo bring me back for sure dude!
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