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Well, we got confirmation season 3 batlle pass will be 950 V bucks again! So if you listened to those youtubers saying it was real money they were wrong!

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well technically this is real money since you need to buy V-bucks.
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Excited that they're starting Season 3 but agree with Tom.

You still have to buy them
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Sweet still got some left
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That's Intresting! I'll be purchasing
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Ive got loads of v bucks from playing save the world, you can get alot of it free if you have the full game
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Season three should be sweet! Excited to see what rewards will be given out.
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You have to buy vbucks, so youtubers aren't lying lmao.
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I mean you still have to buy V-Bucks with real money so either way you're spending money to get the battle pass.

Looking forward to what we will be getting this time around.
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Nice! I started late on the Season 2 pass so i'll Definitely be purchasing this battle pass once it's available.
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