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To think 4 years a go when I was 16 studying graphics and helping people with graphics from my own shop on the graphics forum with 1000+ replies and 67,000 views has time really gone.

I know that a lot of people have a lot to show for their time here however my time here has been amazing whenever I have been asked a question or asked a question the response had been great.

I am one of the humble people on here and I would like to say I have met some great people with great personalitys

Many Thanks

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Mortar (02-15-2018), KyloCrux (02-14-2018), Zesri (02-14-2018), tuf (02-14-2018), Mikey (02-14-2018), Mooneye (02-14-2018), Anime (02-14-2018)
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Congratulations, I guess you're now considered one of the old timers of TTG. I hope to reach the 4 year mark, but well... I'm a while off yet!
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Congratulations on getting your 4 year mark! Hope to see you at 5 years!
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grats on 4 years
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Congrats on 4 years!

Hope to see you around when you hit 5!
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Grats on hitting 4 years dude.
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congrats man, 3 years to go for me to reach 4 lol
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Congratulations on 4 years member bro, nice to see you still around.
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4 years too short as they say. Congrats on your 4 years on this site, see you at 5 years sometime soon.
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Congratulations on reaching the 4 year tenure, Rui.

It's always nice seeing you around the Graphics forums!

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