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So on January 8th I ordered something off of eBay and it was from Russia. He had 100% rating so I ordered it from him and it took a few days to actually get shipped out. But he didn't give me a tracking code and It said it was supposed to be here today but it still hasn't shown up. I don't understand why it's been a month and still hasn't came and does it even take this long to come from Russia?

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i would give it time if it still takes time i would figure out steps to deal with it!
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Alright I will thank you I'm just hopeing it gets here and I didn't get screwed over
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Give it time man, I ordered something over abroad before and took 2 months lol. You could always message him.
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Touch base with the seller and see if they repsond, usually after a week of no responses and still no package, I'd dispute it.
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If it was supposed to come today give it 24-48 hours cuz the postal man might very forgot and will put there tomorrow or something. They get tired too.
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No worries I ordered something from China an it took about a month An a half
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I'd suggest contacting the seller. They should provide some type of tracking number. If it was that long ago though it doesn't look very good.
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Usually customs has a big fit about things coming into the US so expect a decent delay. Last time I ordered something from China it took almost 2 months to arrive.
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Don't worry man. I ordered something from China before and it took like 3-5 days after scheduled day to arrive.
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