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Well, tonight I've managed to make it to the 10,000 post mark and I'm so dang happy about all that spam.

Hope to continue the posts and make it to top poster some time. Went from to 9,000 to 10,000 in 12 days sooooo.

Thank list - I don't have one because I don't picking favorites. I love you all, even if y'all don't need like me.

JK- I love you Maj, come back.

Have a great night.

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Woah that post count is high, But congrats on 10k post An the badge

Even tho mikey complained about the badge what a thumb
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Huge milestone bro! Grats on 10k
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Congratulations on 10k Elite man, and congratulations on AllTimeHigh badge when you get it end of this month.

Race to Top 5 challenge accepted
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Congratulations on reaching 10k elite pal

Well done
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10,000 posts is absolutely insane, congrats man!
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Congratulations, I don't think I'll ever reach 10k lol.
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Congrats on 10k man that's insane!
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10k is insane bro! congrats on this bro
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Congrats on no lifing the spam lad
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