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Today marks my 7 years here on TTG!
Lots of fun times have been had thanks to this site and good friends made on the way.
Life has made me come here less often as i used to but id like to get back into the swing here.
Here's to another year here and many more to come!

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Congrats on 7 Years on TTG
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I feel a 7 year member should have gold, so i just gifted you mate, congratulations on being a member for so long.
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Congrats on 7 years man!
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Congrats man , Always nice to see old memebers still here
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7 Years? I wish I was here for that long lol

Congrats on the huge milestone man!

See you at 8!
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Congrats on your 7 years on this site, see you at 8.
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Congratulations on 7 years man, hope to see you around for 8
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Congratulations on hitting your 7 year milestone bro.
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I applaud you fellow TTGian.
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