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Hey ladies and gentlemen,

So I've recently been told by a friend that I should really join TTG if I'm one for taking part in the gaming community. I'm mostly an Xbox player, but recently made the addition of a PC. I'm an active individual, who's hoping to take part in the community, help others, follow the rules and generally have a good time. Gold is something I'm looking into, perhaps a few fellow Gold members could give me an insight?

Anyhow, as the title says, how is everyone doing? I'd like to know. I wish you all well.

- Soulcat

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Gold is amazing man it definitely motivates you to be more active. Thanks for asking I am doing really good. Welcome to the sight!
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Gold shouldn't be the go to reason of why you're active or why you're not. But, now that we're past that. The communities great, and I'm doing good. Hope to see you around.
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Welcome to ttg!
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Welcome to the site mate, I've just gifted you 1-month gold membership so you can now check out the gold forums found here be sure to check out the giveaways in the forum as some are pretty good. Hope to see you around mate, and make the most of that gold.
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I'm glad to hear you guys are all well and good, I know Gold shouldn't be a dependency to be active within the community, believe me, it won't be. I'm here to get to know and engage with fellow like-minded indivivduals.
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I know I spelt individual wrong too, it wouldn't let me update the text box.
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Doing great man , Welcome to the club

This is such an amazing community all around

Come hang in the shoutbox with us

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Welcome to TheTechGame!

Hope you enjoy the site and make sure to read the Rules:


also come join us in the Shoutbox for a good talk or laugh:

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welcome to the site, and enjoy your stay
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