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Modding(NEW) BO2 - ZM GSC Mod MenuPosted:

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So finally, after almost one month. I'm done coding my very first brand new Black Ops II - Zombie .gsc Mod Menu. Menu base was copied from Project Iconic Sentinel but i take full credit for the source code. Menu base + source code is extremely stable, everything works just as it should, and i have tested all the options in the menu several times to make sure everything works perfectly. This menu supports all DLC Maps, both Online & Offline.

I compared my menu to other mod menus such as Project Iconic Sentinel, Project Iconic V3, Fenix v5 and also two other menus and i have the cleanest mod menu and the most options, almost 20 sub-menus filled with options and im still updating everything and adding new stuff.

The menu is called Project: Quanticz and the only edition with full access to everything is the Private Edition, I have it up for sale, incl my source code. I will try to record a video later and upload the video to youtube so I can show all the options and everything. Here's screenshots from RGHC Tool.

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Sub-Menu names are:
Main Menu
Perks Menu
Points Menu
Weapons Menu
FOV Menu
Fun Menu
Vision Menu
Models Menu
Zombies Menu
Powerups Menu
Rounds Menu
Teleport Menu
Map Menu
Game Menu
Menu Settings
Account Menu(Available To Private Users Only)
Players Menu(Available To Private Users Only)
All Players Menu (Available To Private Users Only)

LT + Knife = Open Mod Menu
Knife = Back Out
X = Select an Option
DPAD Up = Scroll Up
DPAD Down = Scroll Down

I just finished updating both Client & Private Menu, i made some minor changes in the sub-menus and i added some more options and i also fixed some minor bugs and the files are compiled and encrypted from decompilers. New download is required to update the menu. This will be the final Client Edition. Stability improvements made.


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Nice looking Menu man!

Excited to try it out when it gets released.

If you post it in the Download Section it should get some attention
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Looks clean and stable nice work man
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Looks good man

If you ever need help just shoot me a PM
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That's really cool man. I'm sure it makes you feel proud that you can code and use your own menu, that was always my favorite part, being able to call the menu mine. Best of luck finishing it up, hopefully just the beginning eh?
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Sick menu man , Really impressive
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I can't stop editing the thread because i keep updating the menu. I hope y'all enjoy it, if you do, vote! =))
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Nice job on the menu looks clean and very impressive.
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Looks good, But What makes this different from released free ones?
possible to list all the different features?
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Looks dope, would love to get that private version, sent you a pm
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