RantDo you like the new Snapchat update?Posted:

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i personally do not like the snapchat update because its super hard to find peoples story.

i think they should go back to the old version because im about to abort the mission on snapchat.

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I uninstalled it
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My Snapchat hadn't updated so I kept it on my phone. It updated by itself yesterday and I took one look at it and immediately deleted it. I have no idea what the hell they were thinking when they even created the idea for this update. It's confusing and you can't even see other people's stories without looking at the dumb 'Discover' moments. They're trying too hard, they need to tone it down a bit.
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no none I know likes it. I don't like how it updates it automatically as ine did yesterday
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Ngl I quite like it, I find it easier to view peoples stories ect.
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the update is terrible, uninstalled it before mine even updated cause i saw it was trash
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I really don't mind it. I like the new interface, just not the new layout of the app
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I think it is super annoying and I regret updating completely.
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My Snap doesn't update for some reason lol

So I haven't tried it. I ain't going to judge yet.
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Cleetus wroteI uninstalled it

So did I the update is horrible, Goodbye streaks
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