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I am currently in a Apple Music family plan with my friends and my little sister has a iPhone and our group is full so I was wondering if it Is it possible for me to connect my music account on both iPhones?

I have already logged into my iTunes account on the second phone and have opened up the music app and I am allowed to listen to music but I don't have my playlists and when I try to link them I get this message, "this device is liked to another Apple ID, you must transfer this device to your Apple ID to add a new device. You will be unable to transfer this device again for 90 days."

What does this mean ?
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I believe you're only allowed to choose one device someone correct me if I'm wrong.

I just used to use the single apple music plan so I'm not entirely sure but from the information you have given it seems you can only link it to one device.
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Only one ID per device, only 6 IDs per group, no way around it unfortunately.
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