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Forgot it was my 5th year on TTG, grateful ive been here for 75% of those years. I've made many friends and many milestones upon this site. Hope to meet a boat load of new members and achieve more miletsones / achievements. Thank you guys for making this stay wild and letting me enjoy the years, hope the best for the years to come too!

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5 years, fair play man. That's a long time & still an awesome member.

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Congrats on 5 years buddy, hope to see you here for another 5!
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Wow, Tom! Has it been 5 years already? ;D It is good to see you on the site, my man. You're an awesome member. See you in the shoutbox, nerd!

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Thanks so much Tom for being a great active member for 5 years, you have accomplished, many many achievements on TheTechGame, and I'm sure you will find one more badge to get in the future.
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Congrats on 5 years bro !!
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grats on 5 years
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Congrats on hitting 5 years, Tom.
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5 years?

Congrats big man!

Hope to see you around when you hit 6
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