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Hey guys, it's your favorite TTG user of all time. Kidding, I'm not popular lol.
Anyways, I'm doing another Gold Giveaway for 24 Hours! Simply reply below and you're entered.
Winner will be chosen at random.
Also, I'm going to be giving a (FREE) Co-Host for any Call of Duty of someone's choosing. You will be given the menu. To enter that, comment the Call of Duty you want to be Co-Host on and I'll choose a winner.

Remember, rep isn't required to enter my giveaways, but is appreciated highly.
Good luck to all.

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I'm entering for Call of Duty Co-Host!
Game, Black Ops 2
Good luck to everyone!!
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Enterting Gold Give Away Thanks Jass!
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I'll enter the gold giveaway! Thank you for this man!
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i'll enter this, thanks

ps message me back on skype
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Co-Host sounds fun, sure man enters me in, hopefully, i can actually win one of these one days.
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I'll enter for some gold

Thanks so much for the giveaway
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Sure I'll enter this!

Thanks for doing the giveaway bro
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I am entering the gold giveaway thanks fav!!

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