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The title says it all. If the person is in school guess what grade or guess if they are out of school.

I am going to start off and say they are out of school!

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I am out of high school, but in a Chrysler academy for work.

I'll guess 11th grade.
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That is correct I'm a junior in HS

I'll guess senior in hs
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I am 23, finished education a while back.

I'm going to guess 11th
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Nah man, I'm done school.

I'm going to say out of school as well.
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I'm in my last year of college.

My guess is out of school.
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I'm a junior in high school

I'm Guessing Senior
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Im a man, not a boy.

Ill guess 11
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Nah. Done with HS for a fat min now.
I'm gonna guess the next person is grown.
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-Backwoods wroteNah. Done with HS for a fat min now.
I'm gonna guess the next person is grown.

never. im grade 11, im guessing senior
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