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Designed this for my previous uni module, This is my first ever layout/magazine design I have created, I done everything from scratch in Adobe InDesign.

Wanted to keep an upmarket/professional feel to it and not overcomplicate things.

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I love the style, only thing I would suggest is to make the X in the bottom picture thinner

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this is great bro! so much detail keep up the good work
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Looks pretty professional man keep it up!
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i like this.

Looks clean and professional.

keep up that work!
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Nice work, clean and not to much stuff everywhere.
I like it

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Clean and professional. Really passes off as a magazine in my eyes.
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Very clean. My only suggestion would be lowering the opacity of the X on the cover to around 65-75%
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I live very close to Exeter, how ironic.

With these sort of designs, I honestly don't know what to say.. but they look pretty good.
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