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So my uncle is a retired police officer of Philadelphia and he wrote an article talking about his ptsd that has come from working on the force. I just wanted to spread this so others can get a little bit of insight lawenforcementtoday.c...ars-badge/

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Very interesting man, ill have a read in abit. Glad to see you active again mate.
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It's a great article. Me and my mother both suffer from PTSD from when we lost our house in a flood. Woke up with 3 feet of water in our house, scary shit dude.

Hope your uncle can get the help he deserves.
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PTSD is a scary thing my man.

Your uncle is strong and so are you

I hope the best for your family.
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Cheers for putting it here cus I'm actually curious and I'll give it a read
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Very touching , PTSD is a terrible thing hope he gets better over time , My uncle has it but it's from the desert storm his hole battalion got nuked there was only 3 survivors out of 70 An till this day if he hears a loud noise it automatically triggers his PTSD
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The lack of empathy from the public and even the court system to see this as a workman's compensation issue. Many judges see PTSD as a side effect for first responders and "we" are culpable of our own issues because "we knew what we were getting into when we joined the force." Meaning; to normalize abnormal situations, critical incidents, blood, gore, suicides (of citizens and our brother and sisters in blue) and death in general is just part of the job.

My understanding of workers compensation is that you have to prove that the employer acted negligently towards you.
The only way that I can see PTSD becoming eligible for workers compensation is if the employer didn't provide the officer with the option to see a mental health professional.

From what I can see, and I could be wrong about this, is that a lot of departments do give officers access to mental health services but a lot of them do not.
If you work for a department which does have that access then I don't think you should be entitled to workman's compensation if you don't decide to use it, and you should be entitled to it if the department doesn't give you access to mental health services but you need that access.

I don't know if this is how judges see it though?
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Very interesting article I've just read. Thanks for sharing
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