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Soo many years have went passed nd I miss all the fun I had on Xbox world at war lol
What does everyone miss ?? Could be anything

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If we are talking about games. I miss the MW2 days.

If we are talking about irl I have to say waking up everyday and not having any responsibilities as a kid.
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I miss waking up everyday with the feeling of motivation to do something.
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I miss my girlfriend's bum.
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I miss playing halo reach everyday with friends and getting in trouble cause i'd stay up till midnight playing. I checked one of their profiles and saw all the old people i use to play with and they haven't been on in years. Probably the saddest thing i've seen.
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I miss bo1 so much 2010 also good times
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All the shots I don't take. Jk. Some tv shows. Some wrestlers when they were in their prime. The days of Halo 2, CoD 4, and MW2.
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Watching MW2 Boot up with that dope theme song.
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Miss WANTING to play CoD
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Biwwy wroteI miss my girlfriend's bum.

I didn't expect that one at all
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