What you guys prefer Mac or Windows?

25.00% (12 votes)
75.00% (36 votes)

Total Votes: 48

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So i was wounding what you guys prefer and why Mac or Windows or Linux

Personally i prefer a Macbook for a laptop, because they are alot smaller and faster and easier to lug around. And yes they look so sexy too. But for a destop, id have to say Windows all day long, because with a desktop you can customise it to your liking and have water cooling leds etc.

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I like windows. That is what I have always had so that is what im going to choose. I have never had mac so I would not know anything about that.
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I love my windows PCs!
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Window "

Hands down !!
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I prefer windows more possiblitys tbh
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Honestly, I don't prefer either over the other. Each has its pro's and con's.
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Where's the Linux option?

Otherwise, between the two I don't really like either.
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definitely mac
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Has to be windows
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Windows because that's all I've ever used
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