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I have just reached 6years on TTG! i remember signing up on the site for modding on cod 4 and waw back in the day. I remember i always used to mod svgs on waw to play zombies online with a menu, and then posted about the "modded lobbies" on this site. Back then i really wanted an RGH and now 6 years later i have fullfilled the dream my young self had, and got myself an RGH. I am 16 now, soon to be 17 which means i signed up when i was about 11 years old, which is crazy to think about. Ive kind off been a lurker on this site, but hopefully i will be more active in the future.
Thanks for all the fun you have given me TTG!

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Hey dude! Congrats on hitting your six year milestone. I hope to see you become more active over the coming year!
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Congrats on 6 years, see you at 7!
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Huge grats on 6 Years Man!
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Thank you for being apart of this community for so long! Hope to see you around some time!
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Good job on sticking around the site for so long and becoming a six year member of TheTechGame. I hope you do stick around and become more active. You should stop by the Shout Box and come chat with some other users.
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Thanks for being a member for 6 years mate, hope to see you around.
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Surprising to see so many old members on. Congratulations on not getting banned.
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Congrats on 6 years brother
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Congrats on 6 years man!

Hope to see you around at 7!
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