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A plane carrying 71 passengers had crashed down near Moscow, leaving 71 people dead authorities say. The reason of crash is unknown at the moment although it is believed to be caused by pilot error and severe weather conditions

It was apparent that just after it lifted off (approximately 5 minutes later) it was seen on radar to be descending

Witnesses in the local error claim to have seen a burning plane falling from the sky leaving shockwaves on impact. It is said that 400 people sent on 70 vehicles have been deployed to the crash site, but due to such bad weather conditions it has been hard to reach. Some are even arriving on foot or snowmobile


Such a bad tragedy, it seems very strange that it caught fire in mid air with officials saying it was due to the bad weather. This isn't the first mysterious plane incident to happen in Russia either, the loss of 71 people is unreal, I can only imagine how upset the relatives must feel. Especially having children on board is always such sad news to hear.

It states that '2 bodies were found at the scene' which is confusing bearing in mind that there would be 69 other passengers on board. Perhaps the snow had covered them? I am curious to hear more on this story
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I saw this saddened news on Twitter as I follow Sky News and heard it on Twitter. It's said so many people have sadly passed away too many people in my eyes.
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That's incredibly sad but I feel that same thing happened a few years ago.
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This is horrible. To see how far we are in technology that this still happens. Shouldn't that flight have been cancelled due to weather? Since it was so bad?
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