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Just like the pirate in the above in-game screenshot, Rare finally has land in sight under the guise of Sea of Thieves' upcoming release date, now pinned for March 20th on Windows 10 PC and Xbox One. In what's going to be one of the latest pre-launch interviews for the team, Rare's Joe Neate was featured in the latest Xbox: The Official Magazine (March 2018, issue 161) which became available today.

The Executive Producer for Sea of Thieves stated that Rare feels good about the launch offering and that they will continue to involve the community in the ongoing development even "way after the release".

Some of our toughest conversations are about what should make it for launch. We feel good about our launch offering, and that Sea of Thieves offers an experience like no other. We also feel great about how we plan to grow and evolve the game. Launch is just the start, and I'm so excited to begin this journey for real. For now, we remain focused on the launch experience, and we're committed to ensuring players have a great initial experience, and then we'll transition into our post-launch roadmap of features.

They [the community] have been a huge part. We knew from the start that we needed to build a community around the game, and to do that we needed to be as open as possible with our development and decision-making.

We'll do the same way beyond launch, and continue to take feedback from our community on how we are doing in this area. They're typically the first to tell us if we're not sharing enough information or rationale behind our decisions, and we love that they keep us honest.

Neate also commented on how Microsoft's Xbox One X console will run Sea of Thieves (the beta build wasn't enhanced) on March 20th.
We were always well-prepared for the Xbox One X version. We had already done a lot of work in terms of 4K assets and HDR lighting because of our work on the PC version, so it was pretty smooth to just get it up and running. Now we've pushed it pretty far, with the game running in native 4K, supporting HDR, with high-resolution textures and shadows and support for Dolby Atmos.

In related Sea of Thieves news, below you can find a new video posted yesterday which delves a bit into the game's lore. The latest datamining shenanigans have also suggested that an Open Beta might be on the way, though there's no official word on this topic yet.

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Mikey (02-13-2018)
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Super excited to see more about this game. The beta was incredible. So many things they could do for this game.
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Very much enjoyed this beta and hoping to spend many more hours sailing the seas
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Have been hearing a lot about this game and apparently many people have said the beta was pretty good, unfortunately i never got the chance to play the beta, but the game looks good enough for me to buy the full game for sure.
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I played the Alpha and let me say this game is amazing, but it's a game you want to play with friends for sure! alot of fun and it looks insanely good
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