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I have been in one my whole life.. I giy was speeding and probably on his phone and t-boned my parents car. I was younger. Nothing bad happened just a totalled car...

what about yall?
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Yup. Rolled my friends truck in a field lmaoo
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oh def bro. Coming back from Florida, Spring Break 2017. (from NJ) my buddy is driving home then falls asleep driving at 10am then we smack into the back of a semi on the interstate.
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Can't say I have but I've came close a few times
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When I was very little, maybe 2-3, my mother rolled her mustang with me and my sister in it. We all lived and no one was seriously injured but that mustang was fuc***. Was a nice car now that I look back on it.

My first winter driving I took my cavalier off the road thanks to black ice. Missed a tree by maybe an inch. Car was fine but I broke my nose off the steering wheel.

Other than that, no. I've never been in anything else serious enough to matter.
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