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Let me start off by saying these aren't my predictions at all.

-Nick Foles will be the Eagles' starting quarterback in Week 1

-Ben Roethlisberger will threaten to retire and will actually follow through with it the following year

-Someone outside of the sports world buys the Carolina Panthers

-The Texans return to the playoffs... along with the Chargers

-Eric Reid gets the Kaepernick treatment

-The Bills sign a veteran quarterback in free agency

-The Patriots sign a free-agent QB better than Brian Hoyer and ultimately get back to the conference title game

-Drew Brees signs two-year deal with the Saints with voidable years later that will push cap space down the road

-Dave Gettleman and Odell Beckham Jr. strike up a deal just before the season starts

-The Seahawks get Malcolm Butler to keep their Legion of Boom on life support

-... and the 49ers win the division and go from worst to first

-Kirk Cousins will sign a deal worth at least $29 million per year

-Teams continue to make a sham of the Rooney Rule

-Jon Gruden flubs a crucial late-game decision that costs the Raiders a game because he hasn't been on a sideline in a decade.

-The ratings will continue to decline

-The national anthem will still be performed with the players on the field

-Ryan Shazier gets back to running in 2018

What do you guys think of these?

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I can see the ratings continue to decline for sure. Patiently waiting for the XFL lmao

I can see the Texans going to the playoffs with Watson back.

I cannot see Big Ben threatening to retire and following through with it lol
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Jimmy G becomes a prime QB and takes 49ers very far in the post season!
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Bucs are winning super bowl 2019
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Cleetus wroteBucs are winning super bowl 2019

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Most of these are really questionable.

1) Nope, Eagles should trade him while he has value and Wentz will be ready by week 1 probably[/b]

2) Doubt it, he wanted to retire because of Todd Haley but he's gone.

3) Probably.

4) Obvious. Chargers & Texans had a bunch of injuries (is it surprising? lmao)

5) Doubt this. The Kaepernick situation was different and nobody cares about this whole kneeling shit anymore. The message got out. Kaepernick was the scape goat.

6) Doubt it. They'll draft one, because they won't get Cousins. I could see them getting Nick Foles from the Eagles, but it's either through trade or draft. Probably draft, especially since Sean McDermott is obviously building younger. No more stop gap, sub par QBs.

7) Doubt it. They will draft a QB, not sign one. That QB will be Brady's successor. Patriots will probably be in the AFCCG, though wouldn't be surprised if Tom falls off.

8) I could see this. Might be a one year though and they'll draft a QB to sit behind him. (Rudolph, Falk, etc)

9) Maybe.

10) Hell no. Not after the Super Bowl. Plus, he's overrated. System player.

11) Doubt it. Let's remember who the 49ers actually played with Garoppolo at QB.

12) More. Give it 32+.

13) They didn't really this year.

14) Doubt it. The guy hasn't been a coach for 10 years, but he's also been around football a ton. He's not coming off of the couch in the perspective of coaching.

15) Tough to call. I don't think so. Not with the whole kneeling situation next year.

16) Probably

17) Yeah, but 99% sure he won't play again.
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