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Went ahead and dropped a couple of posts and came back with a new post ranking "Destroyer". I'll see what I can do about hitting eight thousand posts, but it may be a bit of a struggle to reach it this month. Thanks to all and to all a good night.

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Congrats Mortar, see you recently posting in the Milestone section. It's always nice to see a Admin welcome and congratulate users for their milestones.
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Congrats on the milestone man!

IRL pic of Mortar

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Congrats on 7k!
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Congrats you big 'ole spammer. Your methods are well, but your posts are undeniable spam. (Aka copy and pasted. Still love you, no homo.)
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Congrats on 7k Mortar!
See you at the next milestone bud.
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Yeah ok mate, what ever. GG
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Congrats on 7k post man!
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couple of posts

20 pages of posts in the social media forum LMAO you going inn FAM!

Grats on the posts mate, and congrats in advance for that dank looking All Time High badge, it would be an honer to share the badge with you mate.
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  • Christmas!
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lmao ok mortar, calm yo beans bro
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