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So i have a PC right now but it is absolute crap. It has 4 GB of RAM and an i3 4170 processor. I am a YouTube Content Creator so I need a good PC for editing in After Effects and possibly Sony Vegas. I also need to be able to record with my PVR and all that cause i do Cut Comms. I want to maybe get a new PC cause this one is just starting to frustrate me with crashes and limited ability to do things. I am wondering what your recommendations are for the best performance in editing and making videos. I have a budget of about $800 and i say this cause i wond want the tax to go over 900 so i would like to keep it around 800. Let me know what you recommend. I am currently looking at Best Buy PC's in the performance desktops section and just dont know too much about computers lol. I would like to get the PC as soon as possible if I could, thats why i am choosing best buy, so i can go pick it up but yeah, let me know.

For editing, I edit montages and clips for trickshotting, and I make cut commentaries. I play Xbox so it wouldnt be gaming on my PC. This rig would mainly be for editing and just all around better for me.
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You should have some one pick some parts and you build it dude, you'd get a lot better of parts for the price and the PC would be better overall! Head over the building section and post your budget and what you want it for and one of the terrific builders over there will help you out!

You can get there by clicking here!
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Even with inflated prices right now, unless you can find a good rebate or deal on a prebuilt, building your own will be your best bet. If you're willing to go for a used GPU (Cryptocurrency hype has screwed new GPU prices for the time being), then you can get a pretty good rig for the budget.

If you're willing to consider a build, which most members here will probably recommend, check out the sticky in this section: Forums/t=6751631/pc-building-rule...dvice.html , and look at the "Simple Form" to give people some information on what you need out of the build and I'm sure one of us can help you out.

If you aren't interested in the build, check for flash sales and check this subreddit, [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] , for Pre Built sales that are going on.
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