XboxShould users be forced to pay for a Gamertag change?Posted:

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I don't feel like we should have to pay anything for a name change because we already max out on paying for gold, games and system alone.

Post your opinions below..

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Personally i dont think so but then everyone would be changing like crazy!
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I don't see a problem with paying for it, I can see it a problem if you change your name a lot, but then again, why would you do that? Jus my opinion though
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I think you should, or atleast a free name change every year.

It would be shitty if everyone was constantly taking different names.
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Yes for two major reasons

1st being that mostly elevates the problem Steam has. Everyone and their brother can change their name at any time so you get a bunch of memer / racist / inappropriate names since they aren't using their hard earned money.

2nd being your gamertag isn't just an alias, it's tied to all your accounts. Your Xbox account isn't just an Xbox account, it's a live account which is tied to a rewards program, to email, to OneDrive etc. It's more of username than a "display name". Changing it requires everything in the back end that uses your old name to be changed as well.
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It being free = people hogging names and it's already bad as it is, people don't like to pay money on a name change unless they get a better name, but having it free means people would troll and do alot of name changes. I don't mind paying for a name change, if you feel like it's unfair you have to pay, then just don't change your name, I think it's alright and I don't mind doing it.
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I don't see a problem with paying for it. If we didn't people would have a new gamer tag every day. It's get annoying and hard to manage.
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Paying for it is the best option, I'd hate to walk into a lobby like steam has, It's vile
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I don't think so, but they charge for a reason. I think the price is ridiculous.
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yes because if gamertag change was free everyone would change there gamertag everyday, it'll be mad and confusing
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