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How long did it take for you to get your shirt?

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Im from Texas and it took about 3 and a half weeks for the shirt to get to me.

Note that it was shipped during the christmas season and that may have been a reason for it taking it so long.
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I live in Mass and it took about 3 weeks
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I received my TTG t-shirt the day after ordering it. Bare in mind that I only live like three hours away from Sean's part of England.

If you live in the UK then obviously the time between shipping and receiving won't be too long, 7-10 days at most, if however you live out of country such as the US, then it will take longer; one would be looking at anywhere from 3-6 weeks.
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Took around 3 days i think, but then again i live close to Sean lol, so it all depends on where you live, if you live in the US, it would of course be longer. But i know they ship out quick. I just ordered a white shirt yesterday and Sean already got it ready to send out, so ill get it maybe Tuesday. You will love the shirts man, there awesome quality, and you get a sticker too. Not to mention the Supporter badge. What colour did you get?
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I live in the land of Kangaroo's and it took about a month for me to recieve the shirt

And 2 years to receive the rank ggwp
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If you order it, I promise it will come to you in sometime.

TTG doesn't have a massive shop or anything so expect waiting time.

Hope you like it when you get it though!
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