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I'm into the og gamertag scene however I still find this very funny

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Lmfao typical game chat. You hear this shit every game you run into. His gamer tag really isn't worth anything lmao.
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Legit every SND Lobby on BO2 has two kids fighting.

So funny.
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HAHAHA nothing like a good old smack talk sesh. It got me when he said ''This tag is worth more than your house''
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Over a bloody gamertag, lets brag because I have a short name

Piss off mate.
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Dudes a moron people are so petty over Xbox live

Loke is the worst one
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This pretty much sums up search and destroy lol
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XS6 is retarded. This guy though is great.
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Triggered kids

Ksigowa Krakw

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This is wild, haven't heard anything like this since mw2
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