GeneralWhats the most you have scammed/been scammed for?Posted:

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I haven't had it as bad as some of the people I know but the most Ive been scammed for is a CS:GO Karambit Fade

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I lost a GT that I loved back in the day when I was 14.

GT was Half n Hour.

Sucks because I was 14 and dumb
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Full mith on runescape.

I cried.
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An account. The mf had a jtag but took the account anyway cuz my mom's card was linked to it...m so my mom racked up a big bill.
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Scammed $200 when I was 13 and most I've been scammed is like $50
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Paid £20 for a gamer tag and he didnt send the account details.

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$500 in h1 skins idk y but the day after i didnt really care
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Not really scammed, but I lost a $400 Karambit Doppler (Fac New) from CSGO Lotto
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Never scammed any one so that's 0.00$

But I've been scammed for a 12 month XBL card
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well not scammed but this falls in the same category i bought a tag for 150 and it was turbo'd more to the story but i dont feel like typing an story :p
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