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TTG Family, I'm back with another video!

We got a Double V2 Rocket Choke/Sten SMG Gameplay/WAW2 Rant

What I personally think WAW2 needs to be more enjoyable is!

  • Buffed Killstreaks

  • Increase in Domination Cap/Kill points

  • We need more maps, and for that we are lacking content for us Multiplayer users

(Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions)

Check out New Video and let me know what you guys think!

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So do you guys think CoD WW2 is dying? And Why? I would love to hear your feedback!

What can they do to save the fun aspect of CoD WW2?

Is there any time to actually save this game anymore?

And are you guys having fun on WW2 still?

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personally i dont think so!
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haven't played the game since first week of launch, but that's partly because I hate cod on xbox one, I much prefer 360, but cod will never be dead, the new game will always still have hype and a player base, so no I don't think it's dead
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Another good gameplay video, too bad on missing out on the V2 Rocket though. It was still a really good attempt seeing as it was on USS Texas in Domination.

I agree that some of the offensive scorestreaks need a slight buff especially considering the score required to get some of them. As for Domination, they did say they would release a Domination XL game mode where the score gains were changed to what they have been in previous Call of Duty titles, I think it was a stupid idea to change with the score values in the first place. The multiplayer map selection is atrocious, only 9 at launch because they have a game mode that plays on their own maps.
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