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Yes I have reach 16k post and yes I am aiming for top 5 poster which I should have by next month as long as you kids keep posting shitty topics

I wanna thank Tricks for being my best friend and who is all and all a great user. This has been a good journey.

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Congrats famousssss
can i be famous like you famous?

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Congrats on the 16,000 posts famoose! I see you getting that colorful pretty name in no time. Keep being awesome, bro!

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not quite admin. But close enough, i guess.

grats mane
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Congrats on 16k posts, Famous. God's Plan > Diplomatic Immunity.
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Congrats on your 16k posts, see you at 20k posts I'm assuming.

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Congratulations my man!! Top 5 poster incoming very soon! I can't wait to see you achieve your goals man and congrats on everything that is coming up in your life! Can't wait to see you this summer man.
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16,000 damn bro?!? Good job keep up the good work.
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Congrats on reaching 16,000 posts dude. Quite the accomplishment.
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Congrats on 16k man!
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