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You do not have to comment I just wanna know what bad boys we have on TTG

LMAO^ only jokes

but fr has anyone here ever been in trouble with the police? I have only gotten 2 tickets. I tend to not get in THAT much trouble.

I got a ticket for no seatbelt and no registration. xD

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I'm a bad kid.

Pissed in my best friend's mom's flower bed lmao
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I got arrested for Drunken Disorderly on a night out but that's about it
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I got into a bad fight in school and was arrested and put on probation for 6 months. Was quite the event lmao.
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Biwwy wroteI'm a bad kid.

Pissed in my best friend's mom's flower bed lmao
That got you in trouble with the police hahaha?
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Here comes all the braggers...

OT: Yep, various times lol wont list the reasons but lets just say i've not been to prison yet so ;)
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I used to be a little shit and smash windows at school at the back and CCTV caught me y0 Only did it because told me to.

This is the honest truth dont think I'm lying because I've added emotes to my story.
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I got arrested when i was 16 years old, i found out my nan had cancer and i went of the rails abit, and i started shop lifting, that was my way of dealing with it. As i said i was young and dumb at the time, and since then i have never shop lifted again, apart from the odd drink from Tesco every now and then. I shop lifted at the Virgin store, and put around 4 xbox games in my bag and walked out, the alarm went off, and 4 guys chased after me, and i was too scared at the time to run away lol, after they took me into there holding room to wait for the police to come and take me down to the station. It was very embarrassing as i was handcuffed and everyone looking at me while i was getting into the police van. I was at the police station for only a few hours as my mum came to pick me up. I hated the cell i was in, it was freezing not only that i had to take my shoes off for some reason. Anyway it was a horrible experience and i will not be doing it again. Ive been also pulled over a few times, for driving like a complete idiot, but was let of with a caution, and another one i got arrested for like an hour lol, for having a piss on someones drive, i was drunk when i did it lol. Other than that im a good boy.
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Got a super speeders ticket once
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I have no criminal record but I've been talked to by the police a couple times for battery LOL
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