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So after KSI called out the Paul's after the bxoing match with Joe Weller, I have been checking everybody who is involved channels (KSI, CSG, Logan & Jake) for their responses.

This lead me to looking at some of Jake Pauls content and ive heard hes got a really bad rep. (his like to dislike ratio isn't too hot). But of the few videos ive seen, his content isn't that bad and I can see why he is as successful as he is.

But I don't really know who this guy is and what he's done to offend people and be so disliked.

Whats the deal? Why is he so hated?

Can anyone shed a light?
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The Pauls aren't really the most liked on the YouTube Scene.

Jake and Logan both have there problems with other YouTubers.

Logan and FaZe Banks have had huge beef since Alissa started dating Ricky.
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Jake and Logan are both cancerous to the YouTube community.

Jake has had his fans tear apart stores and he promoted violence a few times. He is just all around a bad YouTuber.
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It is all merely immature people with hyper-inflated egos with a lack of consideration for their actions. I would think that people are finally wising up to them.
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