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Hello TTG I'm doing a third gold giveaway!
It will last for 24 hours, post anything you want to enter you can only enter once. Good luck to everyone!

The Following 12 Users Say Thank You to Specialize For This Useful Post:

Gam (02-09-2018), IDeoI (02-09-2018), Nik (02-09-2018), GTI (02-09-2018), KyloCrux (02-09-2018), MadisonBeer (02-09-2018), 2018 (02-09-2018), Mikey (02-09-2018), Blizzard (02-09-2018), -Lewy (02-09-2018), JPB (02-09-2018), Timezone (02-09-2018)
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I'll enter!

Thanked and repped!

Thanks for giving back to the TTG Community!
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I'd like to enter bud.
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I will enter THANKS for this!!!
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I'll enter. Cheers
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Hell yeah, count me in
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I'd like to enter. Thanks for the opportunity.
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I'd like to enter. Thanks for the giveaway!
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I will enter in the giveaway thanks for this
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Thanks man ,

Count me innn
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