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Hello everyone - as you can tell, I was recently promoted to the rank of Moderator and I truly cannot exemplify just how proud and grateful I am to be a part of the team. I really appreciate all of the support from everyone in the ShoutBox as I move into this new position, and of course the tome of friends at which I've had supporting me since I began aspiring to reach this goal. I appreciate every single one of you, and whilst I'm certain I'll miss a number of you due to my forgetfulness, I must first thank maDz. maDz is quite the character, he's one of (if not) my best friend, he's someone you can go to with anything. Luke, this is a guy that you can't trust on a four-wheeler, but you can definitely trust that he's genuine, one of the most down to earth guys I've ever met. I also must thank Sean, for his dedication towards TheTechGame, and projects at which we've delved into in the past; one hell of a guy. Additionally, I must thank Elijah, Kyle, Zach, Ashura, Sage, and the rest of you peeps.

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Congrats on promotion.
Just don't let Mikey see this post, he will probably moan because he isn't Moderator

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Wheyyy. Nice one lad. Enjoy your new role and congratz
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Couldn't of agreed more on this promotion. Congratz on the Mod badge Axios! <3
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This has shocked me including others as well, well big congrats to you gaining that rank. A big GG to you. Now it's your time to stamp down the spam in the SB.
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Congrats on staff man! Well deserved!
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Congrats on this HUGE milestone man!
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Congrats man, definitely deserved the promotion, surprised it hasn't come sooner!

Good job man.

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Just about the only user deserving of being promoted to mod so well done, you earned it.
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