YouTubeGo Check out my Sniping Wins and BO2 Gameplay !Posted:

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Hey just a new gamer looking to get some videos out i upload almost daily just check them out maybe hit a like and sub!
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Very well put together video mate, and you got some dank kills too, i dropped you a thumbs up and subscribed to your channel.
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Hey man. Your video was okay but you should look into making thumbnails for your videos.
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First time playing Fortnite?

I dropped a Subscribe as well.

Let me know!
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Not to bad of a video, I dropped a like
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Not First time playing fortnite but definitely not the best yet trying to stack the dubs and get back into the gaming community ! Im going to have a give away very soon so stay tuned guys please and thank you!
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Not a bad clip, the first kill was well anticipated and the final kill was a nice little quickscope.
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