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Finally, after sadly becoming inactive in 2017, I have hit 4000 posts

It is crazy to me because I have basically grown up with this site, and it is crazy how far it has come. See yall at 5000 (This time without the inactivity )

Thanks list
TTG Staff
Literally anyone that I have meant, talked to, and has helped me

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Congrats on the 4k posts. You're just 1k away from that 5K Undisputed badge, good luck!
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Congrats on the 4000 post buddy. Your so close from getting your next post badge.
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Congrats bro! Road to 5k!
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Congrats and welcome back to the site
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Congrats on 4k posts!

Hope to see you at 5k real soon

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Congrats bro on 4K! your killing it
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Congratulations on 4,000 posts! I hope to see you at 5,000 posts soon!
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Congrats bro.

You'll be at 5000 in no time
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Congrats on 4000 posts mate, nice to see such an active member on here, just keep up the good work man, 5k inbound any day now.
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