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Please leave me some feedback and maybe drop a like. If you want to see more remember to subscribe! Thank you

This is known as one of the hardest challenge in zombies history
heres a quick video i made which took me days to actually complete these 2 impossible challenges.
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Is this the new map? Cool video, I wish I was good enough at zombies to do these things. I don't know how hard these challenges are but I liked the video and enjoyed watching it

I subscribed to you, do enjoy wwii gameplay. Maybe I could learn a thing or two from your videos
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hey man, no its not a new map its actually one of the old ones but they recently released some new challenges for this map and they are extremely rage enducing. thanks for the sub i do appreciate it and I've only ever watched relaxing end play the wii. I'm actually currently working on some new videos on the new dlc.. one being the solo easter egg and the other wave 100. both them really hard targets to hit but i'll get there ;)
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Great video dude, piece of advice though, try and work on getting some better thumbnails for your videos!
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thanks man, i normally do make an average thumnail but i thought i would leave it for this one ;)
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Very cool video mate, i just subscribe to your channel if you wanna hit me back with a sub that would be awesome.

My channel
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Your channel looks pretty nifty
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What the hell is up with those challenges? I can't believe that you managed to do the twenty wave challenge on solo. Great video!
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